Future Vision Development, Riga/Latvia


The Island of Mangalsala is a wooded paradise, a unique landscape of gently rolling sand dunes and pine forests. The challenge of this competition is to transform this exceptional site into an exclusive residential area while preserving the natural beauty of its environment. Our design philosophy has been to develop an urban design and architectural approach that would touch the land lightly and go along with nature.

In responding to the site, we have been keen to follow both the contour lines and the desire lines of spontaneous movement that have been established over time.
We feel that this is an enchanted forest: one has to respect its aura and the spirits that live within it and disturb it as little as possible.
As described above, concern for the quality of the natural environment, in terms of preserving the specific qualities and unique spirit of the pine and birch forest, has informed the project from the start, both in terms of its overall plan and its detailed architectural approach.