Concert Hall Liepaja, Latvia

Great Amber

GREAT AMBER - Concert Hall as a new landmark of Liepaja
GREAT AMBER is the name of the city´s new Concert Hall. With 2024 seats, it is the largest concert hall of the Baltic. The decision to build it was made back in 1896 (!), and in 2015, the concert hall finally became reality.
"Volker Giencke & Company Architects" from Graz, Austria, won the international competition towards the end of 2003.
GREAT AMBER was already exhibited at the Biennale of Venice 2004. 
As the budgetary problems were somewhat solved, fatefully the economic crisis happend in 2008. The construction costs were halved. Only in 2013 was the start of the construction. Both the height of the construction costs and the construction period of 2 years have not been exceeded. 
Besides designing unique architecture and equipping the hall with one of the very best acoustics for classical concerts, it had always been our ambition to give Liepaja and its residents a fresh cultural identity with this new concert hall. It is a new landmark in modern Liepaja.
Entering a new area - "Architektur Aktuell"
International Prizes
Grand Prix "Glass in Architecture" 2018 - Moscow
Dedalo Minosse 2017
Idea Tops Nomination Award 2016 - China
American Architecture Prize 2016
International Award for Facade Engineering Excellence 2016 - London
European Concrete Award 2016, 2nd prize
Chicago Athenaeum - International Architecture Award 2016
Latvian Architecture Award 2016
Architizer A+ Award Winner 2016 - New York


Great Amber - Project

Fotos: Indriķis Stūrmanis, Aigars Prūsis